Justin Medeiros: The new sensation of CrossFit

Justin Medeiros


Justin Medeiros, born March 3, 1999 in Lodi, California, USA, is an athlete who has quickly made a splash in the world of CrossFit. Standing 1.73m tall and weighing 86kg, Medeiros has had a remarkable transition from wrestling and football to CrossFit. As the youngest athlete, he has won the CrossFit Games twice, in 2021 and 2022.

Outside of his athletic career, Medeiros is in a relationship with Ellie Turner, an equally well-known CrossFit athlete. His coach, Adam Feiffer, was instrumental in his development and outstanding performance. At the 2022 CrossFit Games, Medeiros faced big-name competitors such as Ricky Garard, who returned after a 4-year drug ban, and Roman Khrennikov.

With growing popularity, Justin Medeiros currently has 527,000 followers on Instagram and 36,000 subscribers on YouTube. He regularly shares his victories at the biggest Cross-Training competitions in the world. His main sponsors, such as NOBULL, Rogue Fitness and GOWOD, support his exceptional career.

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Salary and net worth of Justin Medeiros

Thanks to his remarkable successes, Justin Medeiros has been able to attract attention and lucrative contracts. It is estimated that his personal fortune today reaches 1 million dollars. This sum is the result of his sporting performances, his sponsors and the commercial opportunities that have presented themselves to him.

Fortune Justin Medeiros

Justin Medeiros' injuries, sports routine, muscle recovery and diet

Like any top athlete, Justin Medeiros has had his share of injuries. These have sometimes been obstacles on his way to success. However, thanks to his determination and perseverance, he was able to overcome these hardships and come back stronger than ever.

Medeiros' training routine is extremely demanding. He trains an average of 5 hours a day, and up to 8 hours during the preparation period for the CrossFit Games. This discipline and rigor allow him to maintain a high level of performance.

Muscle recovery plays a crucial role in Justin Medeiros' preparation, and one of the methods he uses regularly is the ice bath . After intense workouts, Medeiros immerses himself in a bathtub filled with cold water and ice for several minutes. This cold recovery technique is known for its benefits on the muscles, as it helps reduce inflammation and muscle pain, promotes blood circulation and speeds up the recovery process.

For Medeiros, the ice bath is an essential part of his recovery routine. He firmly believes in its benefits and systematically incorporates it into his training program. After a grueling workout, he immerses himself in the ice bath, which causes vasoconstriction, constricting blood vessels and limiting inflammation.

Although it may seem uncomfortable, Medeiros considers the ice bath a secret weapon to keep his body in top shape. He claims it helps him recover faster between workouts, reduces soreness and prevents injuries. In addition, the ice bath provides a feeling of freshness and relief, which also contributes to mental recovery after intense exertion.

Regarding food, Justin Medeiros follows a specific diet to support his physical efforts. It consumes around 5,000 calories per day, mostly in the form of protein, with a daily intake of around 250 grams. Medeiros' meals are also high in carbohydrates to provide the energy needed for his training and competitions. He attaches great importance to a balanced and healthy diet to keep his body in top shape and promote optimal recovery.

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Programming by Justin Medeiros

When it comes to his training schedule, Medeiros works closely with his coach Adam Feiffer. Together, they develop specific training sessions, adapted to his goals and needs. The programming is designed to improve one's strength, endurance, technique, and all the skills needed to excel in CrossFit.

Justin Medeiros' career is a true inspiration to aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts. His dedication, perseverance and determination are examples to follow. With his young age and his impressive achievements, he has already marked the history of CrossFit and portends a bright future for his sports career.

Justin Medeiros Programming

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