Who is Killian Jornet?

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Introducing Killian Jornet

Killian Jornet is a Spanish professional sportsman, specialist in ski mountaineering, mountaineering, ultra-trail and mountain running. He was born on October 27, 1987 in Sabadell, Spain. Considered one of the best mountain athletes in the world, Jornet has broken numerous records and achieved extraordinary feats throughout his career.

In July 2013, he set the current best time for the ascent of Mont Blanc, with a time of 4 hours, 57 minutes and 40 seconds. Additionally, Jornet managed to climb Everest twice without using supplemental oxygen, demonstrating his exceptional strength and endurance at high altitudes. He is also known for his impressive performances during the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), a world famous race in the French Alps, where he finished first in 2022. Check out his latest expedition here .

Apart from his sporting achievements, Killian Jornet is also a social media influencer. He has over 90,200 subscribers on YouTube and over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. He regularly shares his mountain adventures, training tips and passion for nature with his online community. Recently, Jornet launched his own environmental foundation, demonstrating his commitment to nature conservation and raising awareness of environmental issues.

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Salary and net worth of Killian Jornet

As a renowned athlete, Killian Jornet also enjoys a substantial salary and fortune. It is estimated that he earns around 12,000 euros per month from his sponsorship deals, racing income and business partnerships. This makes him one of the highest paid athletes in mountain sports. His fame and exploits have also contributed to his personal fortune, although he is known for his modesty and commitment to environmental causes.

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Kilian Jornet muscle recovery

Muscle recovery is an essential part of Killian Jornet's workout routine. As a mountain athlete, he puts intense demands on his body during his performances and his training. To optimize his recovery, Jornet uses different techniques, including ice baths. He often shares his experiences with the cold and recovery methods on social media, giving valuable advice to his followers on ways to recover faster after intense exertion.

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Books by Killian Jornet

Killian Jornet is also an accomplished author. He has written several books that chronicle his adventures in the mountains and his thoughts on life and sport. Among his best-known works are "Run or Die", "The Invisible Frontier" and "Up!". These books are testimonies of his passion for the mountains, his personal challenges and his deep reflections on life. "Run or Die" recounts his journey and his love for running in the mountains, while "The Invisible Frontier" explores the physical and mental limits he had to push back during his expeditions. Finally, "Up!" tackles the themes of perseverance and motivation, and encourages readers to set ambitious goals and pursue their dreams.

These books were a great success and inspired many mountain and extreme sports enthusiasts. They offer unique insight into Killian Jornet's mindset and philosophy, as well as the valuable life lessons he learned through his experiences. Whether through his sporting exploits, his recovery tips or his literary musings, Killian Jornet continues to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of mountain sports.

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